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Termite Inspection Adelaide

Our thorough understanding of both termites’ behaviour and South Australian construction methods enables us to provide optimal termite inspection, termite treatment and eradication in Adelaide. Using an integrated approach to termite treatment, we employ proven strategies to reduce the risk of termite infestation for pre and post building construction. We have a number of construction pest control techniques suitable for a range of different situations.

HomeGuard warranty for termite control in Adelaide

HomeGuard is a precision termite management system that is a physical and chemical termite barrier in one. The FMC HomeGuard million dollar warranty is a no-nonsense, simple warranty covering all structural and decorative timbers protected by the HomeGuard termite barrier when correctly installed by an FMC trained HomeGuard Accredited Operator. The warranty is conditional on an annual inspection of the property, as detailed in the Australia Standard AS 3660.2, to be conducted by a HomeGuard Accredited Operator.

BioPest install this non-invasive and environmentally friendly product to the foundations of new buildings or extensions to provide a continuous barrier. This then prevents any concealed entry of termites into the building, thereby protecting your asset. HomeGuard is Australian made from polymer products and the system incorporates FMC, Australia’s leading liquid termite barrier, Biflex. This leading termiticide has protected over one million homes in Australia since its launch in 1995.

The HomeGuard system is suitable for a wide range of building designs including:

  • Various purpose-designed polymer sheeting for underlay of slab and retaining walls (TMB) and perimeter wall cavity sheets (Blue and DPC).
  • A granular barrier (GT) for termite-proofing voids.
  • Plastic collars for use in slab to protect service penetration.

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Termite Treatment Adelaide

BioPest is an accredited HomeGuard operator

As a FMC HomeGuard accredited operator, BioPest is enabled to purchase HomeGuard products. We are trained by FMC to install the products, meaning when you engage us to install your HomeGuard system, you qualify for the FMC HomeGuard million dollar, 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. (The warranty is conditional on you engaging us to undertake an annual inspection of the property, as detailed in the Australian Standard 4349.3. Other conditions apply, for more information please refer to the general conditions.

HomeGuard is safe for families, employees, clients and the environment

HomeGuard is a non-invasive and environmentally friendly product making it a safe option for homes, offices and businesses. HomeGuard’s Biflex is very stable and will not leach into the soil. As it is incorporated into a polymer matrix, it can be safely installed in a range of building situations. Further, HomeGuard is sealed within the building structure so no one and no pet will be exposed. HomeGuard stays where it is placed and does not affect the earth, vegetation or water.

HomeGuard is the best termite control system available today

HomeGuard protects more than a million Australian properties. It offers a complete range of components that covers different structural scenarios for your home. The product is renowned for its ability not to corrode, crack or delaminate. It also offers a FMC million dollar manufacturer’s warranty that is unique in the Australian market.

Chemical soil treatment

Chemical soil treatment is traditionally one of the most common methods of termite control treatment. These chemical barriers (‘termicides’) are highly effective and worthwhile as they provide an ongoing level of protection to your property. BioPest will apply a termiticide to the soil to form a barrier between the soil and building structure, which then prevents termites from entering your home. We can even apply a termiticide under a concrete floor of a building, both prior to and after construction.

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