Pre-purchase inspections

Gain important peace of mind with a  pre-purchase termite inspection in Adelaide


Purchasing a home in Adelaide without first having a termite inspection is extremely unwise. Buying a new home is a major investment, which is why it is essential to ensure you are making the right decision. Without undertaking adequate checks, you are running a serious risk of your home having major faults or damage, which are not readily apparent. Furthermore, it can lead to a rapid deterioration in the house’s value, not to mention possible safety issues.

A termite and pre-purchase inspection is essential, as all homes contain timber elements that are vulnerable to attack from timber pests. These timber pests include termites, wood borers and wood decay fungi (wood rot). All three critters are common in all properties, and can undermine timber structures.

Our pre-purchase inspections

BioPest’s pre-purchase inspections are carried out by our fully accredited, experienced technicians. They are highly trained in carrying out visual inspections, and utilise the latest technology is termite and pest detection. Utilising thermal imaging, they effectively find termites and pests nesting in walls, between floors, and other concealed areas – all without drilling or removing wall linings or ceilings. We are also able to locate termites in tree stumps and in some cases, termite nests under concrete slabs.

What we look out for during a termite inspection in Adelaide:

During a termite inspection we look out for four very important things.

  • Subterranean Termites or evidence of termite activity, and termite damage as well as evidence of any previous termite treatment.
  • Timber borers, or evidence of timber borers and damage.
  • Wood rot (wood decay fungi) damage and potential safety hazards in timber structures such as rotten timber steps, handrails and balconies.
  • We also report on any conditions that may be conducive to termite attack or conditions that can cause wood rot.

Every BioPest pre-purchase inspection is performed by an accredited termite inspector and meets the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards. You will receive a detailed written report regarding the property so you can buy your new home with confidence. Organise a BioPest pre-purchase termite inspection in Adelaide by calling 8295 4013 OR 1300 880 116.