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BioPest Rodent Control Solution

Quick Pests Services

Our team of expert exterminators delivers fast and complete pest control services for your bed bug infestation problems. We offer quick responses to your calls, including our online scheduling and customer service.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Instead of employing a one-time general treatment to the infested areas, we create a personalized solution for you. We give importance and priority to your health, pets, and wildlife, by incorporating eco-friendly treatment methods and also consider the treatment’s impact on both wildlife and the environment.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

We give importance and value to our customers’ trust in our services. BioPest pest removal and management solution not only remove and exterminate pests but also detects and monitors pest before and after treatment to ensure that the treatment has taken effect and is fully effective.

Services We Offfer

  • Bait Boxes – We put bait stations strategically placed in an enclosure where only rats or mice can enter. Baits typically consist of pellets, wax, and soft baits. This securely anchored enclosure prevents pets and other animals access to the bait.
  • Trapping – It is one of the safest methods of rodent control. We place live animal traps that allow mice and rats to get caught and safely release them to the environment away from residential and commercial buildings.
  • Exclusion – To keep mice and rats from entering your premises, we place preventive measures to make them lose their access to your property. Rodents typically make use of wall cracks, vents, crawling space, and plumbing as their pathway inside your property. BioPest rodent specialists have the right knowledge, skills, and experience when it comes to rodent pest control to ensure an effective exclusion of rodent pests from your property.
  • Sanitation – Anyone who comes in contact with mice and rat saliva, urine, and droppings is susceptible to diseases such as Hantavirus. The BioPest pest control and management team will disinfect every nook and surface in your building where rats and mice may have built their home.

What can We do for you

It is critical to act quickly if you discover evidence of rodents in your home. Every day that passes increases the extent of the infestation, including any difficulties that may occur. And acting wisely is as much as important. Do-it-yourself Pest control methods such as rat killer baits may be useful, but dealing with the aftermath can cause you more problems than you anticipated.

BioPest rodent control Adelaide exterminators are mice and rat pest control experts, highly trained and experienced to provide you with fast and thorough rodent control services.

Dead Rodent Removel

Removing dead rodents from your property on your own might be a difficult task. Searching for the dead carcass may be challenging if you do not know where to look and it can even risk your health in some situations if done wrong. 

BioPest dead rodent removal services include a thorough inspection, searching for the rodent carcass, and complete disinfection for the sanitation process of the area.

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Pauline Gilroy
Pauline Gilroy
Very prompt and professional. Removed dead rodent from ceiling. Highly recommend using this service
Ashley Fry
Ashley Fry
Biopest were amazing to deal with. Turned up on time, sprayed and removed all spiders and insects. Affordable pricing. Would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks guys
wayne smale
wayne smale
Very good service Josh is a very good technician very good at what he does very friendly .giives good advice .would recommend the company no problems
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith
Josh was amazing, friendly and professional. Happy to continue using this company again and again.
Ashleigh Aubrey
Ashleigh Aubrey
Great company, always use and recommend them. Everyone is kind, understanding and very knowledgeable.
L&E Krings
L&E Krings
Every year they do a termite prevention on my granny flat. The work is under warranty. Everytime I speak with anyone from admin to inspectors they are helpful and professional. I will always use them.
Rowland J
Rowland J
We have use BioPest for the last 3 years they have always been very professional
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