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Now when you are thinking the pest control, the first thing comes to your mind is that is this safe? Is this a good thing to do in my family? Is pest control safe for my children and pets? This is one of the most common questions we are asked as a pest control service providers. People always feel that these chemicals are very toxic, which is very understandable, people want to know if the chemicals we use in our work can cause harm, especially to pets and kids. This is a critical question you need to be sure about.

The newest Pest control product  would not hurt kids or pest

All our pesticides for home use must be approved by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority). Sometimes, some particular products are more toxic than usual things, however, we only use approved products that have very low toxicity to mammals.

We have our own standards. We only manage the correct application rate and dosage of the products we use. This is very important and is a guideline from which we will never deviate.

What we can do to protect kids and pets during the pest control process

The questions we will ask before the pest control:

  • Discuss with you about your family’s health, For example, is there any asthma or any allergies?
  • We will check your house around the environment to see if there any hazards or risks
  • Check the weather in advance. We don’t want it to be blown away by high winds or washed away by heavy rain.
  • We should make the plan in advance and pick the right product
  • We are following the industry and product work process

The most common risk when handling a home is the presence of people and pets while we are working on it. We will wear protective equipment when handling your home. But I’m sure you and your pets won’t have the same protective gear. Therefore, as part of our safe pest control process, we ensure that we are there for you at the specified time and on time. We will let you know how long to leave your property to minimise the risk to you and your loved ones.

Any concern after the pest control

If you notice any unusual behaviours in your pet after pest control, call your vet quickly to find out the recommended application method

If you are pregnant, have kids or have any health problems that make you reluctant to seek pest control, call your doctor for advice. In most cases, the risk of disease from an untreated pest infestation is much higher than the risk of contacting a professional pest control service. Pest control technicians are not doctors and cannot provide you with medical advice. If you feel unwell, it is best to seek the advice of your doctor.

In conclusion

If you find a pest control Adelaide company that is professional and responsible, then pest control is much less risky for kids and pets. The most important is communication. When you arrange a pest control service, please let the company know if you have any children or pets in your home. Make sure you tell pest control about your concerns about your pets and children.

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