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You’ve just had your home treated for all the creepy crawling pests that invaded your home and now you’re wondering if it’s okay to go back into your home after Pest Control? Don’t worry, we can help you ease your mind and answer that question for you. Our professional team has put together a blog to help you understand more about the aftercare of Pest Control services and what you should do in your situation! Pesticides kill or harm pests by destroying them. Therefore, it’s important to understand when it is safe to enter your home again after pest eradication. Among household pests are flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders and mice, all these pests need different types of chemicals. Pesticides can easily be obtained in the home, but this does not mean they are safe. In careless use, they may harm the user, their family, pets, and the environment.

Average Time Period

For most of our pest control jobs, we ask that our clients let the chemicals sit for a few hours before they enter their house again. Our team recommends staying out of your house for a time of around 2-4 hours. By waiting for your home to settle with the pesticides for a few hours, you can ensure the drying of the chemicals to avoid the possible risks of exposure and to make sure that the pest services are not corrupted by not providing the home with enough drying time.

We then ask that our clients prevent thoroughly over-cleaning the area where the pests were found for a few weeks to ensure the pests are gone for good and the chemical has had enough of a time period to soak and settle in the homes. Don’t overclean your home during this time period, let the chemicals do their job first.

The best way to find out how long you will have to let your home sit and de-pest, is to call Pest Control Adelaidecompany and ask them to give you a quote on the pest issue you have at hand.

High Chemical Jobs

In some rare cases, we have to use some strong, high chemical treatments that may potentially require you to spend some more time outside of the vicinity to prevent you breathing in or touching any of the chemical substances. This time can vary quite drastically depending on what needs to be done in terms of pest control services. To find out whether you need to have this type of service done for your home or building, your best option is to call up Bio Pest control Adelaide to discuss with them the period of time you will need to stay out of the area and how long you will need to be elsewhere.

You don’t have to worry about domestic, commercial and building pest control Adelaide with our years of experience and expertise! In no time at all, you’ll be free of those annoying creepy crawlies! This will give you the satisfaction of living in a pest-free home where you can feel safe, at ease, and at peace knowing no more invaders are roaming your house. In order to eliminate pests in an environmentally friendly manner, we adopted an eco-friendly approach. Our team of professionals at Bio Pest will be happy to assist you with any pest issue you may have, so for your family and your home to remain safe and pest-free, contact us today. We will get back to you as soon as possible if you contact us through our contact us form or call us on (08) 8295 4013.