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Let’s examine more closely at the environment, method of habitat selection, and diet of rats as their appearance is frequently associated with them. Rats are huge, toothy rodents that originated in Asia and Australia and now occupy a wide range of habitats. 

Rat species number over 60, according to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System. Rats range in size from the somewhat diminutive to the enormously dreadful, which resembles a huge house cat. 

Up to 22 young can be born in a single litter and up to 2,000 children can be born in a single year in brown rats. In just six hours, female rats can mate up to 500 times. Rats have a gestation period of less than a month, so it is easy to see how populations might swiftly spiral out of control. 

As there are more rats on or around your property, you will see more droppings and damage. In this article, we will further expound the many factors to identify rat infestation and many ways of prevention. Read on to learn more.

Infestation Warning Signs for Your Home

Rats smell strongly of ammonia. They make annoying noises like squeaking, scratching, and rustling as they roam about your home. Rats are definitely present in the structure if either of these indications is evident.

The first step in getting rid of mice or rats is identifying the animal and the severity of your issue. Before you take any action to control a rat issue, make sure to inspect your home from the inside out. Before you can select the ideal pest control method for your circumstance, you must first carry out a thorough assessment.

Watch out for these red flags if you suspect that you have rats in your home:

1. Unusual Sounds and Smells – Rats smell strongly of ammonia. They make loud noises like squeaking, scratching, and rustling as they roam around your home. If either of these signs appears, rats are definitely present in the building.

2. Smearing and Dropping – As they travel through your home, rats leave droppings behind. Along the main rat paths, you could see small, dark pellet-shaped droppings. Rats build and maintain known pathways around the walls because they have poor vision. They leave oil marks and smudges on the walls as they go along these courses.

3. Damages – Rats will also cause damage to the environment. They might consume food left out on the counter, chew through electrical cords, gnaw on furniture, storage bins, or paper. As they move around, they may leave poop and pee in your house, increasing your chance of contracting illnesses.

Preventing Mouse and Rat Infestation

With an early spring on the horizon, it’s important to get a jump start on preventing mice and how to get rid of rat infestation in your house. Rodents can be a significant problem for people. Mice and rats can spread a variety of diseases to your family, and they have the potential to utterly destroy your home from the inside out.

  • Get rid of the current rodent residents – The two methods for getting rid of mice and rats are trapping and baiting. When trapping rats, use snap-style traps, which are designed to kill them instantly. 

Use child and pet-proof bait stations that are tamper-resistant to keep the baits in place while you bait. Place both traps and bait along busy pathways where you see gnaw marks and droppings. Ledges, fence rails, and foundations are typical paths.

  • Seal up – Utilizing the suggested rodent-proofing products, seal up any holes along your exterior. Pay close attention to all of the vents, doors, and windows.
  • Cut off outside access – It will be more difficult for rodents to jump onto your roof if you remove any overhanging trees. Furthermore, maintaining your trees properly removes a hiding place for rodents from predators.
  • Clean up – Get rid of the rubbish, debris, and junk piled in your yard. Plant bushes and shrubs at a minimum distance of three feet from buildings. In some places, rodents can live without fear.
  • Remove food sources from outside – Gardens and fruit trees may be particularly appealing to rodents. Pick up any fruit that has fallen to the ground from your fruit trees on a regular basis. Maintain a trimmed tree to eliminate rodent hiding areas. You can keep rats away from your trees by surrounding the trunk with a piece of metal that is 2 feet high.

Keep hiding spots and trash out of the garden. Plants of the mint family should be grown in and around your yard to deter pests. You can also sprinkle predator urine around the outside of your garden as a deterrent. You can often find both powder and liquid versions of this at your local garden center.

  • Maintain order and cleanliness in and around your home – If there is no food available, rodents have no incentive to enter your home. Avoid leaving food out in your home’s vicinity. Ensure that pet food and trash cans are safely stored inside of rodent-proof containers.
  • Contact Bio Pest Control Adelaide-Based – There are many steps to take in order to prevent a mouse and rat infestation. Lacking the time, money, or confidence to get rid of rodents? We are here in answer. 

Rodent infestation and their removal from your home are nothing new to us as experts in pest control. Contact us quickly to treat the infestation and prevent further rodent pest control problems.

Damage That Rats Cause In The Home

Rats are a small critter, but they can cause significant damage to a home. In addition to spreading diseases throughout the house and jeopardizing the health of everyone who lives there, rats can harm the following things:

  • Wood, drywall, insulation, and other building elements suffer structural harm.
  • Chew through electrical lines, increasing the risk of fire and electrocution
  • Burrow into cushions and rip out batting to ruin furniture.
  • Visible damage to the clothes, documents, and books.
  • Make your home a noisy place where it’s difficult to unwind or sleep
  • Nest in walls, behind sinks, or even inside appliances


Rat infestation are not only unsightly, but they can spread illnesses that could be harmful to the wellbeing of the people you care about. They might also be very destructive, eating through insulation, electrical cables, and walls. 
The only way to regain the best rodent control of your home is to find a long-term solution to the problem of how to get rid of mice rapidly. But don’t worry, you can accomplish this in a risk-free manner through calling a rat exterminator. Our assistance at Bio Pest Control has helped many clients in Adelaide with their rat problems and pest control. Contact us at (08) 8295-4013 today!