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Many of us, whether we are homeowners, renters, or property owners, can avoid having pest problems in our homes by practicing regular hygiene and home maintenance. However, some bug infestations may be difficult to control or certain pest infestations may be severe, necessitating the help of a pest control company.

Like you would with any other service, quality and value should be your top priorities when choosing a pest control company. Costs and proficiency are also quite important. When selecting a pest control company, don’t base your decision only on cost.

Verifying the professionalism of the pest control company you choose is essential. Pesticide misuse can be harmful to both people’s health and property. Before you sign a contract with a pest control company, it is important to consider some tips before calling your preferred termite control company. Read on to learn more.

Termites You Can Find In Your Home

What are termites exactly? Termites are regarded to be one of the most destructive pests on earth. Termites are insects that mostly eat soil, woodchips, decomposing wood, and leaf litter that comes from dead plants. They are occasionally referred to as “white ants,” despite being only tangentially related to ants.

There are roughly 50 different species of termites in the US. The following termites are most frequently seen in nearby homes:

  • Subterranean Termite – found all around the country. They roost underground, as their name would imply.
  • Damp Wood Termite – favor damp environments and thrive in high moisture levels. Homes are infested by these termites through timber that comes into contact with soggy ground.
  • Dry Wood Termite – found around coastal areas. Little moisture is necessary for these termites to survive.

How To Make The Right Termite and Pest Control Company Selection

Trusting a company to get rid of termites from your house can be uncomfortable. Many companies routinely make promises they are unable to fulfill. There is a lot at stake when you make this decision, so you want to be sure it’s the best one.

Several various methods can be used to select the finest termite control and inspection or pest treatment company for your requirements. Prior to that, you should be aware of the following factors because they will help you make decisions. Here are a few instances:

  1. Read Evaluations Online – A great place to start your search for services like bed bug, wasp, or termite control is Google reviews. Because any pest treatment firm can appear professional at first glance, reading Google reviews may help you form a more accurate opinion of each one.

    The best services will have the highest reviews from reputable customers that are comparable to you. Along with reading honest reviews, you can see how the company responds to compliments and criticism.

    If a business shows appreciation for positive reviews and makes an effort to resolve any difficulties mentioned in negative ones, you can tell that it cares about all of its consumers.
  2. Review Company Business Websites – After making a list of the top-rated pest control companies on Google, the next step is to visit each rival’s website. On the website, you may get all kinds of helpful information that can assist you in making the right decision.

    How long has each business been in business? Do they provide services for the specific bug you have? After learning more about each organization, you should have a better idea of which one can best fulfill your needs.

    The finding of a blog is just another sign that a company truly dominates its industry. Reading a couple of their posts will allow you to verify their credentials, and you could even learn something about how to avoid infestations in the future.
  3. Obtain Suggestions Through Friends and Relatives – In the event that reading reviews and perusing company websites haven’t sufficiently narrowed your options, asking friends and family for recommendations might be really beneficial.

    If anyone you know has ever dealt with an infestation, finding out about their experiences may help you assess whether the business they chose can assist you with your problem.
  4. Consider Only Licensed Pest Control Providers – Before selecting a company, make sure they are licensed by checking their website or giving them a call because controlling bugs requires the use of potent pesticides.

    Since inappropriate application of pesticides can have major health repercussions, working with a recognized company can help ensure that you, your family, and others aren’t exposed to potentially dangerous substances.

    If you ever have any doubts, you should be able to contact the state’s National Association of State Departments of Agriculture to find out if a business is accredited.
  5. Do Not Hesitate To Call For Queries – Finding an infestation in your home might be terrifying. The best pest control companies would be happy to take your call and answer any questions you may have. By doing this, they demonstrate their knowledge while also demonstrating their concern for your enjoyment and safety.

    If you feel that your call is being rushed or that you are not being treated with respect, it can be a red flag. With this mindset, a company might rush the treatment of your home, raising the risk of a subsequent infestation.
  6. Inquire About A Free Assessment – Numerous companies get away with employing questionable advertising and hidden prices. If the company you’re thinking about just offers fixed costs for all services without first assessing your home, that’s not a good indicator.

    A professional from a reputable pest control company should visit your home to assess the condition and give you a fair quotation. Companies who withhold their costs from customers are likely attempting to take advantage of stressed-out homeowners who are in immediate need of aid.
  7. Never Be Reluctant To Seek A Second Opinion – You should be able to find a great pest control company to examine your home fast after taking the time to do all of this research.

    However, if you ever have any doubts about someone’s appearance, assessment, or attitude, don’t be afraid to ask for a second or even third opinion. Even while receiving the best deal could be alluring, you should ultimately choose the company you believe will manage the situation the best.

Different Guide Questions To Answer

How do you know the pest control company you choose will perform a decent job? If you have a pest control problem that you do not want to take care of on your own, you could choose to use a team of professionals and experts in eradication. Before choosing a company, get answers to the following questions:

  • Is the pest control company authorized and licensed? – Most local or state agencies grant state pest control permits. If your state requires a license for a pest control operator, get in touch with the office that regulates pesticides to make sure it is current.

    Find out if the business has employees that are “bonded,” which means that the employer will be responsible for any damage or loss the employee creates.
  • Is the company a part of a renowned pest control group? – Professional associations, whether they be local, state, or national, keep its members informed of changes to laws, regulations, and pest management practices. Participants agree to uphold the ethics code.

    No matter how big or small, a company’s decision to join a professional organization demonstrates its concern for quality. The contract should be written by both you and the selected company. Your safety concerns should be taken into account while choosing which insecticides to use.

    Among these concerns include allergies, sensitivities, resident pets, resident ages, and treatment near animals and fish. Customers who are savvy compare prices from two to three businesses and place more emphasis on value than pricing. Take another look if anything appears like a bargain.
  • Is the business ready and equipped to talk about the remedy suggested for your house? – Choosing a pest control company is crucial, just like choosing other professional services. Look for the same high caliber of competence you would expect from a doctor or lawyer.

    Any company should examine your property and give a suggested control approach that includes the following, even those that call themselves “green.”
    • pests that must be managed
    • the size of the issue
    • pesticide’s active ingredient(s) of choice
    • possible negative effects on health of the active ingredient
    • pesticide formulation and application methods
    • particular guidelines to lower your pesticide exposure


Due to our extensive understanding of both termite behavior and South Australian building methods, we are able to provide the best termite treatment and eradication in Adelaide. We employ an integrated strategy to termite management in order to reduce the risk of termite infestation both during and after building construction.

There are many different building pest control techniques available for a wide range of different situations. Chemical soil treatment has historically been one of the most often used termite treatment techniques.

These chemical barriers are very valuable and effective since they continuously safeguard your stuff. In order to create a barrier between the soil and the building structure and keep termites out of your house, BioPest will apply a termiticide to the soil.

Even after or before construction, we can apply a termiticide under the concrete floor of a building. Contact BioPest right away to learn more about our pest control Adelaide-based.