Pest control for builders


BioPest works closely with builders to ensure new homes are pest free. Our South Australian family owned and operated business, is a leader in providing environmentally friendly pest control solutions in Adelaide. BioPest is fully licensed through the SA Health Department, and the treatments we use are safe, effective and long lasting. Our technicians comprehensively understand SA construction methods to enable us to use an integrated approach to termite management.

Why HomeGuard?

  • HomeGuard physically protects the structure from subterranean termites.
  • Repels termites away from the barrier.
  • All HomeGuard products are non-invasive and environmentally friendly.
  • HomeGuard is sealed within the building structure so no person or pet will be exposed
  • HomeGuard stays where it is placed and does not affect the earth, vegetation or water.
  • HomeGuard’s Biflex is very stable and will not leach into the soil, and as it is incorporated into a polymer matrix, it can be safely installed in a range of building situations.
  • Does not corrode, crack or delaminate and the FMC million dollar 25 year manufacturer’s warranty is unique in the Australian market.
  • Due to not using chemicals there are no delays due to rain or adverse weather; keeping building projects on time and on budget.
  • HomeGuard’s product is designed to last for at least 50 years.
  • The whole HomeGuard system meets the full requirements of the Building Code of Australia.
  • The product is Australian made using Australian made termidicide.
  • Cost effective when compared to other physical barrier providers.
  • Works in three ways: blocks and repels termites, kills termites on contact and uses a single sheet.

Ensure every new home does not have to suffer termite damage. During the building process, tackle termites head first, with our preventative pest control methods.

HomeGuard GuaranteeHome Guard Million Dollar Warranty
We recommend Home Guard Precision Termite Management.
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