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The birds’ threat to residential communities and businesses may not have been experienced by most, but like cockroaches and mice, birds can cause damage just as much. The physical damage caused by bird activities can be extensive and expensive to clean and repair. Bird droppings and nesting materials can clog your roof gutters and water drainages. And if left unchecked, your roof can get damaged, decreasing the structural integrity of your building.

Physical damage caused by bird activities can also disrepute your business’s image and reputation to the public. Bird nests and accumulated bird droppings in the parking area can discourage customers from returning.

Birds not only cause physical damage but also carry health risks. Their droppings and nest can spread certain parasites and diseases such as ticks, mites, fleas, salmonella, meningitis, and encephalitis. Employees may unknowingly use equipment in work that has been contaminated by the mentioned diseases, resulting in health issues.

You can limit birds on your property by repairing and sealing openings in your building and constantly cleaning up food sources that may attract birds. In this article, you will learn about the importance and benefits of bird management for your home and business.

Damage Caused By Bird Activities

Repair costs for bird damage on businesses and residential homes can reach a tremendous amount every year. Bird droppings and nesting activities that are left unchecked can cause problems and irreversible damage to your property. These damages include:

  • Corroded Roofs

Bird droppings are naturally acidic. Bird droppings that accumulate on roofs can deteriorate your roof materials which will eventually cause leaks. The uric acid in bird droppings will ruin the roof paint. If birds constantly loiter around your building, cleaning these droppings will become an everyday task.

  • Clogged Gutters And Drainage

Birds often build their nests on your building’s roof gutters. The materials birds use to build their nests can clog your roof gutters and downspouts, rendering your drainage system malfunctioning. Several households and businesses in Adelaide experienced enormous damage to their roofs where the roof drainages got clogged by nest materials that caused the water leaks that eventually damaged the roof.

  • Fires Caused By Bird Nests

Birds’ nests are typically made from flammable materials such as leaves, straws, and twigs. And when birds build their nests inside machinery and areas in your house with electrical components, it can cause fires. Some of the companies in Adelaide blame birds for most fires.

  • Damaged On Machinery

Bird droppings’ acidity can greatly damage industrial machinery, ventilation, insulation, etc. This necessitates business owners in Adelaide to seek professional bird control solutions to help them manage their bird problems and cut down costs from repair and damages.

  • Ventilation System Blocked by Bird Nests

Your chimney and ventilation systems are two of the prime locations where birds commonly build their nests. This situation not only renders your ventilation useless but can also be a medium to spread diseases carried by bird droppings.

  • Revenue Loss In the Food Industry

Birds can fly into and build their nests as long as certain conditions are met. Birds that enter food factories, and warehouses can wreak havoc and leave their droppings. Bird nests and droppings inside food factories and warehouses signify to the public that the facilities are not properly maintained.

  • Collapsed Ceilings

Birds are known to enter attics on houses, apartments, and other buildings. They tend to enter your attic through small openings such as broken windows and holes. When birds build their nests in your attic, it is inevitable that they also release their bodily fluids. When bird droppings accumulate, over time, it damages your ceiling which will eventually lead to its collapse.

Benefits of Bird Management & Control

Bird control Adelaide provides high-quality bird control services that include the following benefits:

1. Savings On Repair and Maintenance Costs

Buildings and machinery deteriorate over time; however, bird activity hastens the progression of deterioration, causing homes and companies to require frequent maintenance and income loss. Building repairs include re-painting, roof repair, and gutter repair. The costs incurred from these repairs can greatly cost homeowners and businesses.

Bird control service providers in Adelaide provide cost-effective bird control solutions and preventive measures to help you solve your bird problems.

2. Uphold Your Business Reputation

Commercial buildings that are covered with bird droppings can affect the company’s brand image. Losing your business’s reputation will lead to financial losses. This typically occurs in businesses in the food industry and property management such as restaurants and convenience stores.

For both households and businesses, The appearance of your building can directly affect the image of how the public views your business. Upholding public image is mainly important for businesses as commercial buildings are more likely to attract customers when their business spaces are free of bird droppings. Seeking help from a professional bird control service provider can be an investment to keep birds away from your property and uphold your business reputation.

3. Prevents Disease Transmission

One of the key reasons for getting expert bird control services is to protect your health. Diseases are typically transmitted by birds through their droppings. Bird droppings have a high acidity level by nature. And apart from being one of the leading causes of ceiling and roof collapse in Adelaide, their droppings can also contain and transmit hazardous bacteria that can cause health problems in humans.

4. Control The Spread Of Parasites

Birds are also known to carry parasites such as tapeworms and roundworms. These parasites can spread to humans through bird droppings creating health risks. However, bird management can prove challenging and might require seeking the help of your local bird management and control services.

5. Prevent Birds From Nesting On Your Roof

Regular inspection of your property will ensure that your building is free of bird nests and droppings. Equipping your building with bird preventive measures will assure you that your building is free from bird activities.

Professional bird control services provide bird management measures on your roof to prevent birds from coming into your property.

Call The Experts

Professional bird management companies employ a number of effective bird control tactics to keep nuisance birds at bay for extended periods of time. BioPest, your local bird control service provider in Adelaide, will assist you in managing your bird infestation problems by providing quality and cost-effective treatments that ensure good results and total service satisfaction.