Local Bio Pest Control Expert in Adelaide

Bio Pest Australia Pty Ltd offers safe and complete pest control in Adelaide. We service homes and businesses across the state, eradicating pests for good. Our experienced technicians use environmentally friendly pest solutions for your pest problem wherever possible.

We don’t fly in and out with a once-off visit. Instead we identify the underlying reasons for your pest problem. Perhaps you have made improvements around your home that have now inadvertently made your property conducive to a termite attack. It could be you are building a new home and want to ensure the structure is pest free. Whatever the reason is, we work with you to implement a tailored solution to fit your situation.

Pest control the environmentally friendly way in Adelaide

We are renowned for providing effective pest control Adelaide wide. All the treatments we use are safe, effective and long lasting. There is nothing about pest control we have not encountered and not solved. Don’t let your pest problem bug you or put yourself at risk any more. As soon as you notice signs of pests, contact us for professional pest control in Adelaide.

  • Domestic

    We stop pesky critters from entering your home and stop them in their tracks so you can enjoy a clean home environment.

  • Commercial

    We provide commercial pest control for a diverse range of business including restaurants, retail, and offices.

  • Builders

    Before the foundations of your new home are poured, we work with the builder to provide an eco-friendly termite solution.